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To Infinity and Beyond!

The fabulous CH BLEUGRAS BUZZ LIGHTYEAR was found dead in his crate at the Eastern Kentucky KC Dog Show, Morehead, Kentucky on March 11, 2001. He had just won his second Best of Breed of the weekend, #16 for the New Year. His handler went to his crate to exercise him before the Group judging and found him collapsed and non-responsive. Extensive efforts to revive him were to no avail. The final necropsy report can find no cause of his death:

DIAGNOSIS: No disease process identified.
COMMENT: Examination revealed only evidence of shock and did not identify a cause for the collapse and death of this dog. Toxicologic testing failed to incriminate a toxicant. (Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center, U of KY) These results leave us at a loss to understand his death, but we are not going to speculate beyond what has been conveyed to us

Buzz Lightyear was only 20 months old, a multiple Group Winner, a Specialty Winner, and at the time of his death was only 11 breed points from #1 GSP. He had gone BOS at Westminster to the #1 Sporting Dog. He had a great future ahead of him both in the showring and as a stud. His passing is not only a great tragedy for us, but for the entire breed and dog show community.

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank the many, many people from all over the world who have reached out to us offering their love and support at the shattering loss of this great dog. The unexplained and sudden death of Buzz Lightyear has deeply affected far more of the dog show family than could be imagined.

I would like to share the following e-mail received from Brasil, South America. It reflects the support and feelings of so many

Dear Friends,
He was gone as a big winner. In the moment of glory. He knew he was the fruit of a great tree of a magic kingdom. You guys created that wonderful tree. Please, let’s keep the Bleugras tree live and strong as ever. Somewhere over the rainbow, Buzz would prefer to keep the feeling that he is part of your magic kingdom where all the boys and girls born to be nothing but specials.
All the best, M

Buzz’s twelve brothers and sisters around the country, and in both our homes, shall help us to focus on the future. Many have already made their mark on the breed in their own right….but there will only ever be one “BUZZ LIGHTYEAR, Champeen of the 21st Century”…..TO INFINITY AND BEYOND…

In time may we remember…NOT just that he died, but that he lived….

Cherishing the memory of a very Special Life…

Bob & Eve Parsons Paul & Andi Owens Neil Ritter
Handler & friend


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